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What is Home Staging?

What is Home Staging?

You have more than likely heard the term to “dress for success”. Whilst it is usually used for how individuals dress themselves, it is also an appropriate description for Home Staging. Home Staging is dressing your home for success in the real-estate market.

Perhaps you enjoy thumbing through the glossy pages of home styling and interior design magazines?

We look at the homes contained in their pages and notice that there is something contained in those houses that makes you say “I want to live there!”.

Yes, they are beautiful structures. Yes, the use outstanding photographers. Yes, the lighting and ambience is set perfectly. But the other factor that these homes have going for them is they are staged beautifully. And home staging - making your home as attractive as it possibly be to prospective buyers - is something you can have too!

Home staging is about much more than just preparing a home for sale.

Most home owners in preparation for taking their home to market will vigorously clean their home, de-clutter the bedrooms and living areas, paint the walls, patch the imperfections and make any minor repairs.

Home staging and styling goes well beyond this to use specialised skills, outstanding furniture and accessories, and hard-earned experience to take that “lived in” look of a house and turn it into a showroom home.

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